Sunday, September 26, 2010

O LORD What is Man? The "Potential" Human Being

Those who support the freedom of women to choose the evil of elective abortion will often make the absurd claim that a fetus is merely a "potential human." The objection is so obviously false that we often dismiss it without thinking about how to properly answer it. I am currently listening to The Great Abortion Debate, and had to pause it so I could post this after listening to Scott Klusendorf resoundingly refute this nonsense.

The abortion supporter whom Scott was debating attempted to illustrate that a fetus is not a human, but is merely a "potential human," by pointing out that an acorn is not a tree, but is merely a "potential tree." On the surface, this argument seems to have some validity. However, Scott pointed out that while an acorn is not yet a tree, an acorn is an oak! Abortion supporters who claim that a fetus is merely a "potential human" are simply wrong, and the only thing they can demonstrate using the acorn or any other analogy is that a fetus is a potential adult. Yet, just as an acorn may only be a potential tree but nevertheless is an actual oak, likewise may a fetus only be a potential adult but nevertheless is an actual human.

Check out Scott Klusendorf's work at Life Training Institute, and buy the debate on CD at Stand to Reason.

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