Friday, September 10, 2010

Episode 7: Truth Be Told

Episode 7, "Truth Be Told," has been released! In this episode of the Theopologetics Podcast I discuss Sola Scriptura, the doctrine that the Bible contains all knowledge necessary for salvation and holiness, and that it is the ultimate authority and rule of faith for the believer. I look at what serves instead as the authority for Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons, as well as the view of some Christians, such as the Churches of Christ, who take Sola Scriptura to an unjustified extreme.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Excellent Debate with Atheists

Today I listened to an excellent debate between Christians and atheists. Shepherd's Fellowship, along with Sye TenBruggencate whom I interviewed in episode 3 of my podcast, debated the UNCG Atheists, Agnostics and Skeptics on the question, "Does the Christian God Exist."

Sye and Dustin do an excellent job of demonstrating that atheists foolishly deny God while simultaneously relying upon His existence to argue against their opponents. They deny the absoluteness of logic while simultaneously insisting that logic disproves Christianity. They deny the absoluteness of the uniformity of nature (that the future will be like the past) while simultaneously insisting that science disproves Christianity. I highly recommend you listen to this debate, and perhaps consider listening to episode 3 of my podcast in which I interview Sye on the topic of presuppositional apologetics.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Podcast Intro: Seeking Your Input

Those of you who've listened to each of my episodes will recall that before Glenn Peoples created theme music for my show, I used songs to open each episode whose titles relate in some way to the topic, and which served as the titles of my episodes. Since then, I open each episode with my new theme music, but because I still like the original practice, I continue it by transitioning from the intro theme into a song and name the episode after it.

Well, I have received a bit of constructive criticism from two people I love. One thinks the transition is too abrupt, and that I should introduce the episode after the theme music, and then begin the title song. The other thinks just the theme music is sufficient, and that I shouldn't have two songs open each show. I, personally, like the approach I take currently, but I respect my loved ones' opinions.

So, I'd like to find out what you, the rest of my listeners, think. Do you like my current practice of opening with my theme music and transitioning into the title song? Or, do you agree with either of those opinions described above? Or do you have any other suggestions? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Promote Theopologetics!

If you host a podcast and appreciate the work of the Theopologetics Blog and Podcast, please consider playing my short promo in an episode of your show. Here is what I say in the promo, which I think encapsulates my goal:

"Theology and apologetics aren't just for pastors, philosophers and PhD's; they're for the average Joes in the pews like me, too. Join me as I discuss a wide variety of theological issues and show how a proper, biblical world view can help defend the historic Christian faith from its critics. Search for Theopologetics at the iTunes Store, the Zune Marketplace, or visit us online at Know what you believe, why you believe it...and not something else!"

I would be happy to reciprocate, including a promo for your podcast in an episode of mine--assuming, of course, that I am comfortable with its mission and content. Thanks so much for your consideration!

In the Beginning: Stand for Reason, The 7th Day

In "The Seventh Day...Today?" I explained that in a recent episode of Greg Koukl's "Stand to Reason" radio show, he appeared to use the opening verses of Hebrews 4 as an argument against the "Young-Earth Creationist" understanding of Genesis 1. He responded to a caller, saying based on that passage, "it's clear that the seventh day isn't a day" because we are in the 7th day of creation even today. That is in his view consistent with his understanding of the so-called days of creation being long periods of time, rather than 24-hour solar days.

Having called in to Greg's show once before, and having found him to be very humble and gracious, I decided to call in again to challenge his argument from Hebrews 4. Once again, Greg exhibited humility and openness, and explained that in that call he was only attempting to "defeat a defeater," that is to explain how Moses' application of the days of creation with regards to the Sabbath day of rest for the Israelites is not a legitimate challenge to his view. And by the end of the call, he agreed--assuming I am correct that numerous commentators throughout history do not share his view of the 7th day--that my understanding of Hebrews 4 is just as "sound theology" as his.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the conversation, and it seems to me that Greg did, too. Give the episode a listen if you're so inclined; my call begins at about 33:40 into the episode. Consider also subscribing to the "Stand to Reason" podcast, at which his live shows are archived the day after they air. I highly recommend his ministry, and think you'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Episode 6: Daughter of Zion

Episode 6 of the Theopologetics Podcast is available! In this episode I am joined by a close friend of mine, asking and answering the question, “Who is a Jew?” This will be the first in a periodic series discussing Israelology, the study of Israel and her people.