Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Coming Soon: Eastern Orthodoxy / Infant Baptism Debate

Announcing what will be the sixth Theopologetics Debate (unless something comes up sooner), this time on infant baptism between a credobaptist Protestant and an Eastern Orthodox theologian. Jamin Hübner, founder of and author of The Saving Grace of God, Light Up the Darkness, and The Portable Presuppositionalist, goes toe to toe with Eastern Orthodox Reverend Laurent Cleenewerck, editor of The Eastern / Greek Orthodox New Testament and faculty member at EUCLID and Humboldt State University.

Be sure to email me at if you want to pose a question to either participant! Make sure to tell me to whom you wish the question directed.

Date: Tuesday, March 20th, to be published in the podcast feed shortly thereafter.

Resolution: Infants are not the proper subjects of the ordinance of baptism.

Participants: Jamin Hübner affirms. Reverend Laurent Cleenewerck denies. Moderated by Chris Date.

Debate format:
  • 15-minute opening affirmative
  • 15-minute opening negative
  • 10-minute rebuttal affirmative
  • 10-minute rebuttal negative
  • 10-minute cross-examination of affirmative
  • 10-minute cross-examination of negative
  • 10-minute cross-examination of affirmative
  • 10-minute cross-examination of negative
  • 5-minute closing negative
  • 5-minute closing affirmative
  • 30-minutes of listener Q&A

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coming Soon: Interview with Kenneth Gentry

It's my great pleasure to be able to announce that Kenneth Gentry has agreed to let me interview him on my show on Friday, February 24th. Gentry's contribution in The Great Tribulation--Past or Future?: Two Evangelicals Debate the Question, as well as his defense of an early date for the book of Revelation in Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation, were instrumental in my conversion to preterism from premillennial futurism. He's authored many other books, including Navigating the Book of Revelation, whose presentation of preterism's understanding of Revelation he joins me to discuss. Stay tuned!