Monday, September 27, 2010

Coming Soon: Interview with Glenn Peoples

Normally I share the position espoused by the guests I interview on my show, but in an upcoming episode I will be briefly departing from that trend to interview Dr. Glenn Peoples of the Say Hello to My Little Friend blog and podcast. Glenn recently appeared on the Unbelievable? radio program with Justin Brierley to discuss the topic of Christian physicalism, the belief that human beings are not comprised of both a physical body and an immaterial soul or spirit.

If you, like me, had hoped for a more in-depth examination of this view, look forward to this upcoming episode of the Theopologetics Podcast in which Dr. Peoples will tell us why he thinks the Bible supports his view, and not the one most of us hold. Stay tuned!

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  1. For those of you who are interested (and it should be all of you!), it's looking like this interview will probably take place Thursday night (PST), to be published shortly thereafter or Friday morning. I can't wait!