Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coming Soon: Eastern Orthodoxy / Sola Scriptura Debate

Announcing what will be the seventh Theopologetics Debate (unless something comes up sooner), this time on Sola Scriptura between a Protestant and an Eastern Orthodox theologian. Rob Bowman, Director of Research at The Institute for Religious Research and author of Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ, goes toe to toe with Eastern Orthodox Rev. Pr. Laurent Cleenewerck, editor of The Eastern / Greek Orthodox New Testament and faculty member at EUCLID and Humboldt State University.

Be sure to email me at if you want to pose a question to either participant! Make sure to tell me to whom you wish the question directed.

Date: Tuesday, March 27th, to be published in the podcast feed shortly thereafter.

Resolution: "Affirming Sola Scriptura: Scripture is the only infallible rule of doctrine and practice for Christians today."

Participants: Rob Bowman affirms. Laurent Cleenewerck denies. Moderated by Chris Date.

Debate format:
  • 15-minute opening affirmative
  • 15-minute opening negative
  • 10-minute rebuttal affirmative
  • 10-minute rebuttal negative
  • 10-minute cross-examination of affirmative
  • 10-minute cross-examination of negative
  • 5-minute closing negative
  • 5-minute closing affirmative
  • 30-minutes of listener Q&A

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