Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Podcast Intro: Seeking Your Input

Those of you who've listened to each of my episodes will recall that before Glenn Peoples created theme music for my show, I used songs to open each episode whose titles relate in some way to the topic, and which served as the titles of my episodes. Since then, I open each episode with my new theme music, but because I still like the original practice, I continue it by transitioning from the intro theme into a song and name the episode after it.

Well, I have received a bit of constructive criticism from two people I love. One thinks the transition is too abrupt, and that I should introduce the episode after the theme music, and then begin the title song. The other thinks just the theme music is sufficient, and that I shouldn't have two songs open each show. I, personally, like the approach I take currently, but I respect my loved ones' opinions.

So, I'd like to find out what you, the rest of my listeners, think. Do you like my current practice of opening with my theme music and transitioning into the title song? Or, do you agree with either of those opinions described above? Or do you have any other suggestions? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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