Friday, August 26, 2011

Episode 56: Everlasting God

Episode 56 of the Theopologetics Podcast is now available! Dr. Glenn Peoples joins me to discuss Christology, philosophy of mind and the crucifixion of Christ. Was God the Son alive and conscious while the man, Jesus, lay dead and unconscious in the tomb? Or did the Godman die both as man and as God? And can either of these views be considered orthodox?


  1. Great show!

    Are you planning to continue your JPH vs EWF series?

  2. Yeah, just been swamped. I'll get around to it :)

  3. Very good podcast; thank you for pursuing your passion - keep up the good work!

  4. WHO was that dead flesh hanging on the Cross?


  5. I've been enjoying your podcasts.I can certainly appreciate someone willing to question his traditions as a former Jehovah's Witness myself.It isn't easy.Then we have to face name calling,labelling,being condemned by those we wish would just accept and love us unconditionally.The list goes on.

    As I was listening to this one,I couldn't help thinking(as a unitarian) the whole time that if you would question the reasons you believe in an incarnation of the supposed "2nd person of a triune God",then everything would become lucid and easy.That is,if you ever come to understand that the literal few "proof texts" for it don't prove it at all.If trinitarians understood those correctly(by allowing scripture to interpret itself ultimately)then they would have no reason for qualifying everything the Lord said.They could simply listen to him.After all,if his simple and clear words can't be taken at face value,if we can't stop qualifying him in nearly every text,then where IS our legitimate defense against deception?

    So,basically,I want to encourage you to delve deeply into those "incarnation proof texts",again.(because I'm assuming you already have before..always worth another study)And also it would be great to hear you talk about the topic with a well spoken unitarian like Anthony Buzzard.On the incarnation proof texts specifically,again,because they're the only excuse Christians have to qualify God's word of truth left and right.(think Jn. 17:3 and too many other texts to count)Thanks for your time.