Saturday, June 4, 2011

Evangelists to the East?

Theopologetics needs you again! I have for some time wanted to do an episode on the Eastern Orthodox Church, but know very little about it. I would love to have a guest on who has come out of the Orthodox Church, or whose ministry is especially geared toward them. Can you help me find a guest to have on the podcast?


  1. Couple of ideas:

    1) Trevin Wax has posted a print interview with former a former Orthodox

    2)Ken Silva posted a letter from former Orthodox “Scott M” on his blog

    3) Paul Negrut teaches pastoral theology at Emanuel University in Romania and has written extensively on Orthodoxy, including a piece for the Christian Research Journal. I couldn't find a direct e-mail address for him, but the following email, , is given as a sort of contact representative for U.S. inquiries to his university.

    Hope that helps.

    Ted Kijeski
    484 888-8758

  2. AND....

    I forgot to mention Rick Wade of Probe Ministries, who has also has written on Orthodoxy.