Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Episode 34: When in Rome

Episode 34 of the Theopologetics Podcast is now available! Dr. James White from Alpha & Omega Ministries joins me to discuss Roman Catholicism, Sola Scriptura and the issue of authority.


  1. Well, Mr White makes a great argument in favor of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

    He quotes Irenaeus, Tertullian & Athanasius. He says there is a Christian Tradition which is known by everyone, and quotes Paul saying to Timothy to pass on what you heard from me say openly and in public. He then goes on, stating that no one in the early church believed in the papacy, purgatory, marian doctrines and indulgences.

    He is absolutely correct. No one in the Orthodox Church has ever believed in any of those things. None of the early church fathers prior to Augustine believed in any of those either.

    What is also true, is that no one in the early church believed in any reformed baptist evangelical doctrines either.

    Mr. White uses these early fathers to bolster his refutation of the Roman Church, but forgets on the flipside they also refute his reformed doctrines as well.

    The early church(including the 3 fathers he mentioned) clearly believed in baptismal regeneration, the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the ever virginity of Mary, that salvation can be lost, in mans free will, the denial of original sin, apostolic succession.

    If reformed baptist doctrines were true, then that is what the Apostles taught. And if Sola Scriptura were true, then there would have been Christians who would have read the bible alone and come up with the same doctrines as reformed baptists. But, it is a fact that James White cannot point to one single Christian who believed in all of his reformed baptist doctrines from 33 AD up to and including Martin Luther and John Calvin.


    Second Debate on Presuppositional Apologetics - Paul Baird v Sye Tenbruggencate - ready for download

    The show has now been posted and is available for download. The last show reached 14,000 downloads and got into Premier Christian Radios top 10 mainly thanks to Dr James White over at Alpha and Omega Ministries so I'll be interested to see how this one does.

    Shownotes and audiofeed available too.

    Having listened to it all the way through I'm extremely pleased with it. I was able to correct a number of issues from the first debate and also to press Sye on a number of issues and particularly revelational epistemology and to show the problems with that.

  3. Thanks Chris - great episode. It is not often I listen to a podcast more than once!

  4. No, thank you! Your compliment makes me very happy :)

  5. Thank God that the Roman Catholic Church came up with the idea of indulgences! After all, without using them to raise much needed money, the Turks would have taken Europe and then been the first to colonize the Americas. Go Rome!