Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Episode 10: Baptize Me

Episode 10 of the Theopologetics Podcast is now available! In this episode I interview Gene Cook, Jr., host of The Narrow Mind radio show, discussing the doctrine of baptismal regeneration, which teaches that water baptism is a prerequisite for salvation.


  1. I do want to say that I recognize there are going to be objections to many of the things said in this episode, and I will follow up to as many of those as possible in the future. However, as I said to Gene during the interview, it's unhealthy to, as many of those we talk about do, obsessively focus on only one issue. So I'm going to let several more episodes go by first.

    Thanks again to Gene Cook, Jr., for joining me!

  2. Can't wait to listen to this one! I should have recommended you use Good Charlotte's song, "baptized in the river" for the bumper music!

  3. That's a good idea, I was running out of songs for this topic :) Technically, though, the title of that song is "The River," so I'd have to decide if I want to veer from my convention. Then again, I suppose I did so already in episode 6, "Daughter of Zion." The title song of that episode is technically "Roni Roni Bat Zion," which translated means "Rejoice, Rejoice O' Daughter of Zion." So maybe I have a precedent for doing so :)

  4. First, the New Testament never says baptism is the sign of the covenant. You and your guest simply assert it. I refuted that view when I discussed Colossians 2 earlier on your blog here:

    and on my own blog here:

    And you still have no response to it.

    Second, if the readers here would like another take on some of the passages talked about in this podcast, see my post here:

  5. Steve, I told you I would respond once you acknowledged the Truth of the Word of God which is that the Godfearers in Acts 10 were saved and indwelt by the Holy Spirit prior to water baptism. I commend Terry for his humility and conforming his understanding to God's Word, and am willing to discuss the implications of that. However, you do, in fact, bear false witness against God when you claim they were not saved prior to their water baptism, and if you are unwilling to conform your beliefs to God's Word, why would it matter what I have to say about Colossians? Nothing I say would matter since you are demonstrably unwilling to conform your beliefs to Scripture.

    Readers, do check out each of the links Steve has provided. It's important we understand the views of others. However, know that God has already refuted Steve's false gospel in His Word, in Acts 10 and in Romans 8:5-10, among a host of other passages. Be careful when you expose yourself to such falsehood.